Friday, March 28, 2008 2.4 released

It's been a great week for open source software updates! The new version (2.4) of is now available for general download. is a full-function office suite (Microsoft Office would be its commercial equivalent), which I've been using pretty much exclusively for the past year. I'll probably cover that experience in a future post.

The new version is what would probably be termed a "minor release," based on my few minutes of use (and a quick glance at the release notes). The user interface looks pretty much the same as other releases in the 2.x series, so users of the old versions won't have that tough of a time making the switch. The developers have tweaked in a few useful features here and there, such as drag-and-drop support in Calc (=Excel), some extra chart formatting options (e.g., adding the regression equation to a regression line), and a few other items.

For users of Ubuntu, a nice set of instructions on updating your version of are posted here (although you'll have to make an adjustment or two to account for the new version).

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