Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Welcome A New Blogging Paleontologist!

I am pleased to note that my colleague, friend, and fellow ceratopsian fan Scott Sampson has just started up his own blog, "The Whirlpool of Life."

For those of you who only know him as a paleontological researcher, Scott is also a very skilled communicator and educator. The past few months have seen some tremendous successes in that regard - first, his on-screen and behind-the-scenes role with the new PBS kids' show Dinosaur Train, and second, his just-published book Dinosaur Odyssey.

Scott has a special interest in popularizing issues of science education, evolution, sustainability, and paleontology, all of which promise to be themes on the new blog. This will be a good one to add to your regular reading list!

Scott Sampson with an extinct friend.


Anonymous said...

It´s definitely on my blogroll!! :) Thanks, Andy!

BTW' I´m jealous that you are friends with Scott Sampson! :) lol!

Pak said...

Just added to my Blogroll too! Welcome, Scott!

rizal said...

nice... i will have more article to read.. :)

Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita said...

congratulations to Scott Sampson with his new blog