Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paleo Paper Challenge: The Final Round-Up

Well. . .January 1, 2010 has faded into memory, and with it the 2009 Paleo Paper Challenge (PPC). For those of you who need a brief reminder, the PPC (sponsored by me and Dave Hone) was a chance for all of us who have partly-finished papers to give them the final push out the door. We had 22 individuals from around the world accept the challenge, and everyone made a pretty solid effort.

Now some folks expressed disappointment that they weren't able to complete everything they had hoped for. Personally, I only had a 50 percent success rate. But, as Dave said elsewhere, that wasn't really the point. As long as some work got done, that's what really counts. And if a paper got submitted - even better!

So, congratulations to all of our participants! I've included preliminary results below - if there is something I should update, either drop me an email or else leave a note in the comments. Here's looking forward to the PPC 2010. . .stay tuned for details, probably in September.

Results of the Paleo Paper Challenge
Brian Beatty
Calvert Formation terrestrial mammals review with Ralph Eshelman
Final status: Unknown

Tor Bertin:

Statistical analysis of evolution of sauropod body size, involving a mystery specimen
Final status: Unknown
Spinosauridae review
Final status: In progress

Lisa Buckley

Papers to be decided
Final status: Unknown

Andrea Cau:
Description of metriorhynchid from northern Italy
Final status: Major Progress

Andy Farke:
Myledaphus paper
Final status: Failure to launch
Final dissertation chapter
Final status: Revised and resubmitted

John Foster:
Morrison critter paper
Final status: Unknown

Francisco Gasco:
Master's thesis
Final status: Some progress

Mike Habib:
Pterosaur flight range
Final status: Some progress
Pterosaur aquaflyer paper
Final status: Submitted and accepted

Penny Higgins:
Bulk isotopic ratios from tooth enamel and general interpretation of environment
Final status: Major progress

Casey Holliday:
Articular cartilage paper
Final status: Major progress, almost ready for submission

Thomas Holtz:
Tyrannosaur heterochrony/paleoecology
Final status: Unknown

Dave Hone:
Unspecified papers
Final status: Two papers submitted, one still awaiting launch

ReBecca Hunt:
Mygatt-Moore taphonomy paper
Final status: Unknown

Nick Gardner:
Unspecified paper with Mickey Mortimer
Final status: Unknown

Chris Note and Ari Grossman:
Dinosaur ecomorphology
Final status: Unknown

Bill Parker:
Revueltosaurus manuscript
Final status: Unknown

Heinrich Mallison:
sauropods rearing
Final status: Minor progress
sauropodomorph rapid locomotion
Final status: Minor progress

Anthony Maltese:
Unspecified paper
Final status: One in press, one with a co-author, another with major progress

Mark Mancini:
Redondosaurus cranial description (with Axel Hungerbuehler)
Final status: Unknown

Eric Snively:
Chicken electromyography and implications for big theropod neck muscles
Final status: Submitted
Atlas of gekkotan lizards of the Paris Basin
Final status: Some progress
Artiodactyl vs. Stegoceras head-strike mechanics
Final status: Some progress

Mike Taylor:
The Archbishop description
Final status: Major progress

Matt Wedel:
Final dissertation chapter
Final status: Unknown

Adam Yates:
Early sauropodomorph pneumaticity
Final status: Unknown
Rauisuchians of the Elliot Formation
Final status: Unknown


Bill Parker said...

I had some progress on my paper, but I did start, complete, and submit another paper and had another accepted so not too bad overall.

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

John and I both made some progress on both of our separate papers, but we did submit another paper that we are both authors on (Mygatt-Moore material). So - fail on individual accounts but win on joint effort! :)

Lisa Buckley said...

I had some progress on both my papers: a publication based on my thesis will be ready to submit by the end of January (finally!), and we just received a new surface scanner that will add more information to a description of a new avian ichnotaxon. :)

Nick said...

Waiting on my co-author...

Brian Lee Beatty said...

I'm almost done, but as I have not gotten totally finished, I have not sent my final draft yet to my coauthor... it is turning out to be BIG. - YIKES!

Tanystropheus said...

I, too am nearing the project's completion, though I'll need to have several more meetings with Dr. Hungerbuehler before we can call it 'completed'.

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

John also let me know that he sent his paper to his co-author, so he has much of it completed :)

Casey said...

what fun. we came close but alas. Instead of getting the cart paper submitted (albeit we're at the final draft--it'll be submitted in the next few weeks). I got IACUC, NSF grant, and SVP symposium proposals submitted. Does that count for anything ;). And a different, old almost-done paper (turtle bone density) has emerged from the ruins of the holidays. guh. Start lining up those 2010s and '11s everyone. PPC 2010 here we come.

Maltese said...

Got paper 1 back from reviewers and edits made, resubmitted...

Fingers crossed for press release.

Adam Yates said...

Hi I made some progress early on, but then took an extended break in Australia, wherein I never even looked at any dinosaur related material. result: cosmic FAIL