Saturday, December 4, 2010

Paleo Project Challenge: 27 Days to Go!

We're now about three months into the 2010 Paleo Project Challenge (PPC), an annual "contest" co-sponsored by Dave Hone's Archosaur Musings and The Open Source Paleontologist. As a quick recap, this event is for anyone (vocational or avocational paleontologist, researchers, preparators, artists, etc.) who has that nagging project that just needs a final kick in the pants. In exchange for signing up, we list your name publicly as an extra bit of. . .incentive. . .to finish the project.

So, how have you done? Out of my two goals, I got one (the paper on anatomy of a certain ceratopsian) submitted this past week, and the other one (for the ODP) is moving along nicely. I'm not sure if the latter will make the December 31 deadline imposed by the PPC, but significant progress is still happening. And that's the point of this whole Challenge, isn't it?!

In case you need your memory jogged, the participants are listed below. Tell us how you're doing in the comments! If you finished a project and I missed you, let me know and I'll update your status.

Participants in the Paleo Project Challenge
Andy the Micropaleontologist - submit foram macroevolution paper; write draft of clade shape paper
Anonymous - find job; paper for Paleobiology; prep alligator fossil
Brian Beatty - paper on meningeal ossification in cetaceans
Robert Boessenecker
- finish first draft of master's thesis
Martin Brazeau -
finish redescription Ptomacanthus anglicus and include updated matrix
Andrea Cau
- describe new theropod remains from north Africa
John Conway
- finish Heterodontosaurus painting
- restoration of Dryptosaurus [finished]
Andy Farke
- finish paper for ODP; finish paper on ceratopsian anatomy [finished!]
Nick Gardner
- submit grant for Youngina part II
Casey Holliday
- either a new croc species description or paper related to frontoparietal fossae
Dave Hone
- the necks paper [finished]
- finish descriptions for Katian graptolite systematic paper.
David Maas
- Illustrating Mallison's Kentrosaurus
Heinrich Mallison -
finish Plateosaurus CAE paper; sauropod rearing paper; sauropodomorph rapid locomotion paper
Jay - finish sauropod description
Jordan Mallon - Anchiceratops manuscript
Anthony Maltese - sharks scavenging on mosasaur paper; Niobrara ammonite paper
Paleochick - Cloverly paleobotany paper
Patty Ralrick - paper on subfossil mass mortality site
Julie Reizner - submit Einiosaurus histology paper
Manabu Sakamoto - finish Pachyrhinosaurus drawing; finish and submit theropod bite force paper
John Scanlon - write up Oligocene lizards from Riversleigh; process and sort samples from Miocene microsite
Leo Sham - illustrate Raptorex; write cosmetic surgery review paper
Mark Spencer - finish paper critiquing model-based approaches to phylogeny reconstruction
Brian Switek - finish book proposal; polish and submit paper on Alabamornis; paper on Thoracosaurus specimen
David Tana - sign up for GRE; submit 9 pieces to Art Evolved time capsules; overhaul blog
Darren Tanke - finish biography of Oscar Erdman [finished]; finish paper on first helicopter lift of a dinosaur specimen; finish extended abstract on Hope Johnson
Mike Taylor - finally finish the Archbishop sauropod description
Matt van Rooijen - finish up Tarbosaurus bite pattern illustrations
Bruce Woolatt - 1/10 scale Quetzalcoatlus northropi flesh restoration


Anonymous said...

My progress is also mixed, but good rather than bad. I pushed the necks paper hard, but, as happens sometimes, the revisions ultimately left me dropping from 1st authorship (that goes to Mike Taylor). So while the paper was submitted well before the end of the time (and even came back and revisions submitted to the journal) 'my' PPC paper isn't really mine anymore.

I also started, and finished, and then submitted an entire manuscript so there's not much to do there before the 31st. I've had several papers come back to me from journals which is good, but tehnicalities means I can't finish any of them before the 31st deadline.

So really, I've achieved all I wanted to and indeed more with the PPC. But really this was over for me by mid November, so it's not like I feel I was pushed by this or really got into the PPC as a real motivator.

So, how have the rest of you done?

Anonymous said...

I just finished my Dryptosaurus restoration!

Brian Lee Beatty said...

Almost there... Phylogenetic regression slowing it down, but otherwise all data and much writing is done.

Jordan said...

The ms is nearing completion, though it sits in co-author limbo at the moment. Just need to run a quick cladistic analysis and finish up the discussion and we should be ready to submit. Whether it will be before the new year or not, I'm not sure. It'll be close, though.

Anonymous said...

My skull roof paper is off to coauthors. regardless if we get it in by new year's at least I moved that off my desk. The croc description is about 80% but I've got some re-photography to do and still more stippling/illustration, so we'll see. My focus is on a NSF resubmission so this might be the best I do for PPC. I still think an April 1st PPC is a more appropriate date, that way we all have an out if we fail.


Anonymous said...

My paper on Oscar Erdman, refinder of a Pachyrhinosaurus bonebed in Alberta is now published. A paper on the history of the World's first helicopter lift of a dinosaur specimen from the field(1967, Alberta) has evolved into a bigger project, with a bio on the pilot and the history of helicopter use in Earth Sciences in Canada, plus the specific history of the 1967 lift. The co-author came through with the bio, so now I am cutting, pasting, and rewriting some sections. Looks good for the Dec. 31st deadline. The Hope Johnson extended abstract has not been started..... maybe bit off more than I can chew? Still have 3.5 weeks though. Darren Tanke

Anonymous said...

Sketching coming along, first sneak peek on blog.
Including something I've never seen in other dinosaur reconstructions, which should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Hang on! I'm not finished!

Brian Switek said...

I have had a relatively rough time of it. Since Written in Stone came out I have been swamped with work, BUT I have finished the book proposal. It just needs a few minor tweaks before it goes out. The "Alabamornis" and Thoracosaurus papers still need to be finished, though, so I had better get it in gear!

Nick said...

I better think up something new ASAP since it looks as though my current 'goal' isn't going to get done in time.

- Submit grant for monies to continue a project

Nick said...

Oops, I hit 'publish' too soon somehow. My mistake. I'm trying to submit a grant for _Youngina_ part II.



davidmaas said...

I'm... building momentum.

Jay said...

Yaayyy, Finally done with the sauropod description MS. Submitting tomorrow :)


Anonymous said...

Running out of time! Ugh!

John Scanlon said...

The projects I mentioned will definitely not be done this year; something else came up and bumped the lizard ms from top spot, and then my position was abolished due to lack of funds, so I've been tied up getting another job and getting ready to move to the shore of a distant ocean. It's meant to be a challenge, right? I won't be officially working in palaeo, but will try to keep trickling papers out.

Nick said...

I finished.

Robert Boessenecker said...

I have succcessfully finished my first draft of my thesis on the comparative taphonomy Miocene and Pliocene marine vertebrates - 113 pages banged out in three and a half weeks.