Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Paleo Project Challenge

I've been woefully behind in promoting this (and Dave Hone has taken the lead in hosting it this year - thank you, Dave!), but it is time to get on with the 2011 Paleo Project Challenge. Got a nagging little project that just requires a few days of concentrated effort to finish? Quit the excuses, and just get it done! That's the whole point of this. Whether it's research, artwork, a curation project, or whatever, anything is fair game.

Dave Hone has more over at Archosaur Musings. Mike Taylor and Matt Wedel have blogged about their own contribution. What will yours be?

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Doog said...

I do have a couple of papers i want to try and publish in PLoS One. I just need to try and get into the La's collections.

And paleontology isn't the only science going open source. My latest issue of Archaeology magazine Australopithecus sediba as one of the top 10 discoveries of 2011 but not for the obvious reasons. The scientists found what may be a patch of preserved skin on the skull. Unsure what to do, one of the researchers reached out to John Hawks, a paleoanthropologist and blogger at the University of Wisconsin. Hawkes job was to then reach out to the online science community. And the route seemed to have worked! Hooray for open sourcing!