Thursday, April 5, 2012

Open Access in the UK - Comment Now!

The Research Councils UK (an umbrella organization overseeing much of the public scientific funding in that country, as well as funding for the arts and other worthy ventures) is soliciting comments on a new open access policy [PDF]. No matter what your opinion on open access, please comment. Mike Taylor, writing at SV-POW!, has further information and instructions.

Even if you don't live in the UK, it is worth letting the Research Councils know how you feel about the policy. Why? Because science (and scientific publishing) is inherently an international endeavo(u)r. I collaborate with colleagues in the UK all of the time, and many of the best papers I read these days have their origin across the pond. But, as with most scientific literature, access sometimes ain't easy. A more open scientific literature helps all of us, and each accessible paper raises the country's profile in the scientific community. Funding agencies always want more bang for their buck (or pound), and improving accessibility is one great way to do that.

So, drop a line to by April 10 and use the subject "Open Access Feedback." Even a short sentence of support will do. Or three short sentences, as I did (basically using the argument in the paragraph above). Make your voice heard!


protohedgehog said...

Sent a short email. Cheers for pushing this Andy!

Andy said...

Cheers to Mike Taylor too, who encouraged me to post this!