Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome, Longhorns!

I hear from a reliable source that your Digital Methods in Paleontology course has this blog listed as a recommended website for some supplemental readings. So, to all of you UT Austin students, welcome! I hope that the content here is at least somewhat useful. . .don't hesitate to post if you have any questions or comments. I (and my readers) are particularly eager to hear if you run across any other good software tools that aren't listed here, or if you have your own feedback on some of the software I've reviewed previously.

Your first reading assignment (if I'm reading the syllabus correctly) is found here. . .it gives some good background info on the blog. If you're completely bored, I would strongly recommend this post as a logical follow-up. Despite the name of this blog, I am not an open source zealot, and the referenced post gives some of the pros and cons of using open source software. Don't know what open source software is, exactly? This page is as good as any for a succinct introduction to the concept.

Good luck in the coming semester, and enjoy the class!

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Anonymous said...

Cool. Your blog has become an on-line class, it seems. I'm impressed, Andy.