Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A New Reference Manager to Watch

Nearly two years ago, I ran this series on a bunch of reference managers available in both commercial and open source models. Some things have changed since then, and others have not. Bibliographic has pretty much stagnated, Bibus has undergone incremental improvements, and Zotero has leap-frogged ahead to a function-rich 2.0 beta and survived a lawsuit from the makers of Endnote (which remains the commercial standard for reference management).

Today, a post at Bora Zivkovic's Blog Around the Clock higlights yet another new bibliographic offering, Mendeley. It is free, but not open source, and still in the beta stage, but it looks like it might offer some interface improvements over programs like Zotero and Endnote. Definitely worth following - do any of you readers have experience with Mendeley?


Bora Zivkovic said...

If you are interested in reference managers, you should follow Martin Fenner's blog - he analyzes them in detail, makes comparisons, interviews founders/managers, etc. - the most recent post (and you can follow the links, tags and categories for more) is here.

Andy said...

Thanks! I'll definitely add Martin's blog to my "follow" list.

Anonymous said...

I've been using Mendeley for a few months, including for during my PhD dissertation writing. I love it, and they just keep improving it with each new release. You can tell sometimes that it's still beta but the developers seem to be pretty responsive.