Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Paleo Paper Challenge: Who Has Accepted?

After our posts issuing the Paleo Paper Challenge, we have had a number of very brave souls step up to the plate. We're dusting those old papers off of our hard drives, finishing them up, and making a commitment to get them through into review!

Of course, it wouldn't be a challenge if we weren't holding our feet to the fire with the possibility of public embarrassment. All of us have signed on the dotted line, and committed to getting these puppies out the door by January 1, 2010!

It's not too late to sign up yourself! There's always room for one more - so join the party!

Acceptors of the Paleo Paper Challenge

Tor Bertin:
Manuscript on mystery specimen

Andy Farke:
Myledaphus paper
Final dissertation chapter

John Foster:
Unspecified paper

Casey Holliday:
Articular cartilage paper

Dave Hone:
Unspecified paper

ReBecca Hunt:
Unspecified paper

Bill Parker:
Revueltosaurus manuscript

Heinrich Mallison:
Plateosaurus CAE (is waiting for the two other diss chapters to come out of review)
sauropods rearing
alligator muscle cross sections
non-Plateosaurus at MFN description
sauropodomorph rapid locomotion

Anthony Maltese:
Unspecified paper

Mark Mancini (Tanystropheus):
Redondosaurus cranial description

Eric Snively:
Chicken electromyography and implications for big theropod neck muscles.
Atlas of gekkotan lizards of the Paris Basin.
Artiodactyl vs. Stegoceras head-strike mechanics.

Mike Taylor:
The Archbishop description

Matt Wedel:
Final dissertation chapter

Adam Yates:
Early sauropodomorph pneumaticity
Rauisuchians of the Elliot Formation


Anonymous said...

Good Luck to you all!! :)

Nick said...

Nick Gardner
unspecified paper with Mickey Mortimer

Tor Bertin said...

Should specify, it's a statistical comparative analysis of the evolution of sauropod size--it just involves a mystery specimen. ;-)

Brian Lee Beatty said...

Brian Beatty
Calvert Formation Terrestrial Mammals Review with Ralph Eshelman (sorry Ralph!)

Mark Mancini (Tanystropheus) said...

There's one thing I should clarify about this: I hope to complete my end of the research by 2010, but I can't speak for Dr. Hungerbuehler (who will be co-authoring).

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. said...

The tyrannosaur heterochrony/paleoecology thing (see NAPC 2009, for instance).

Unknown said...

well, let's see:

Plateosaurus CAE (is waiting for the two other diss chapters to come out of review)

both reviewers of one of those told me at SVP that it will take a while. So Jan 1 is a no-no. :(

sauropods rearing
Yup, feasible.

alligator muscle cross sections

non-Plateosaurus at MFN description
difficult - depends on how well my new laser scanner works.

sauropodomorph rapid locomotion
again, feasible.

So I guess it is down to those two.

Tor Bertin said...

Andy--when you have a chance to update the list, I'm working on a review paper on the Spinosauridae that I'd like to add to it (since it's not under the same constraints my other project is, I have no reason not to get it done before the deadline ;-) )).

Bora Zivkovic said...

How many of these will go to PLoS ONE, I wonder ;-)