Friday, October 2, 2009

The Paleo Paper Challenge: Post-SVP

In the event that you were trapped under a building for the past two weeks, the annual Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meetings have come and gone. Not only do these meetings provide a nice outlet for ongoing research, they also provided an opportunity for me and Dave to 1) recruit more participants for the Paleo Paper Challenge; and 2) nag everyone to get to work on their papers, already! With the SVP recruits and new volunteers from the comment threads of this blog, the Paleo Paper Challenge is rounding out nicely. Oh yeah, and I finally got to meet Dave Hone in person.

Acceptors of the Paleo Paper Challenge
Brian Beatty
Calvert Formation terrestrial mammals review with Ralph Eshelman

Tor Bertin:

Statistical analysis of evolution of sauropod body size, involving a mystery specimen
Spinosauridae review

Lisa Buckley

Papers to be decided

Andrea Cau:
Description of metriorhynchid from northern Italy

Andy Farke:
Myledaphus paper
Final dissertation chapter

John Foster:
Morrison critter paper

Francisco Gasco:
Master's thesis

Mike Habib:
Pterosaur flight range

Penny Higgins:
Bulk isotopic ratios from tooth enamel and general interpretation of environment

Casey Holliday:
Articular cartilage paper

Thomas Holtz:
Tyrannosaur heterochrony/paleoecology

Dave Hone:
Unspecified paper

ReBecca Hunt:
Mygatt-Moore taphonomy paper

Nick Gardner:
Unspecified paper with Mickey Mortimer

Chris Note and Ari Grossman:
Dinosaur ecomorphology

Bill Parker:
Revueltosaurus manuscript

Heinrich Mallison:
sauropods rearing
sauropodomorph rapid locomotion

Anthony Maltese:
Unspecified paper

Mark Mancini:
Redondosaurus cranial description (with Axel Hungerbuehler)

Eric Snively:
Chicken electromyography and implications for big theropod neck muscles
Atlas of gekkotan lizards of the Paris Basin
Artiodactyl vs. Stegoceras head-strike mechanics

Mike Taylor:
The Archbishop description

Matt Wedel:
Final dissertation chapter

Adam Yates:
Early sauropodomorph pneumaticity
Rauisuchians of the Elliot Formation


Anonymous said...

That's a great list! Well done everyone. I'm pretty sure Mike Habib volunteered as well - I'll nag him to find out.

Andy said...

Hmm. . .I vaguely remember this, also.

Tor Bertin said...

Sent you an email, Andy.

Casey said...

perhaps we should mention the PPC in the acknowledgments? "Thanks to the PPC for its gentle encouragement", or you guys could send each of us a check for like 1$ (well 2.50$ might get a beer), PPC could be thanked for a funding initiative. ;)

Zachary Miller said...

Oh wow, I'm looking forward to the Spinosauridae review!

Andy said...

Oooh, I like the idea of acknowledging PPC. But instead of us sending you money, perhaps you can send me and Dave money as a thank you for assisting your careers! I'll still buy you a beer next time I see you though, Casey.