Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Items

First, congratulations to Dr. Mark Loewen, who successfully completed his dissertation defense on Tuesday afternoon. His dissertation focused on variation in Allosaurus, and was truly an epic piece of work.

Second, check out this paper that just came out in PLoS ONE. The paper covers some interesting aspects of limb bone allometry (shape changes with size), and provides open source macros for ImageJ, so you could do similar analyses on your own dataset. In the next day or two, I should have more to say, but for the time being check out the link. . .as always, the papers are free to download, and please take advantage of the commenting/note-making/rating features on the PLoS website.

Doube M, Conroy AW, Christiansen P, Hutchinson JR, Shefelbine S (2009) Three-Dimensional Geometric Analysis of Felid Limb Bone Allometry. PLoS ONE 4(3): e4742. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0004742

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Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I wish I had more time to read them, but congrats to Dr. Loewen all the same!! Reminds me of my Advanced High School Biology class where we're studying Natural Selection and variation among species!